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One of a kind magical or holy items with unusually powerful attributes and side effects

Boromir’s Journal
The Journal of Boromir, Priest of Thor

Dursmet’s Journal
The journal of the late Dursmet Boldaxe

Elves of the Noredenwald
A synopsis of the race and its variants in the Noredenwald Peninsula

Grovann’s Message
A letter from Grovann of Horelkholm to his daughter Astrid

Hera’s Journal
The Private Journal of Hera

Hesgran Calendar
Understanding the calendar of the Hesgran Supercontinent

Holds of the Free Lords
Information that everybody knows about the Holds

House Rules
Anything that we’ve made up on the spot or pulled out of our asses and isn’t in the standard rules.

Noredenwaldic Terms
A short glossary of Noredenwaldic words translated into English

Order of the Sacred Thorn
Background on a Frankneskan order of knighthood

The Tale of Hjarta Fégund Ís
A legend of the Frost Giant Underfundigtyv and the God Thor

Main Page

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