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The combined expeditionary army of the Kaiser of Elriggen and his vassal, the Lendmann of Buurte, has crossed over the Pass of Sprits and holds Akri. Under the lordship of Brun Bladebreaker, Akri has declared fealty to the Lendmann. Elements of the army are moving to beseige Gardr, whose lord, Rodvik, has been abducted. Though small, the warband of Finnbogi the Freakish has marched to the aid of Gardr, leaving Thigmulf virtually unguarded. Further aid will not be forthcoming, as Rodstaff cannot move out of Torkellr as long as an invading force safely occupies Akri.

The people of the Olafrodd groan under the heavy handed rule of Vlidigga the Bitch-Woman, who is rumored to be having an affair with Edny Eagle-Eye, an elfin emmissary from the Lendmanny of Buurte. Her people are on the verge of open revolt. The possibility of a civil revolt so near her own hold has Kelda Sorkvirsdottir, Lord of Vidr, trapped within her own Hold.

Koenig Krenik of Therelene has marched troops to Torkellr, hoping to provide additional strength should Rodstaff need to defend his own Hold from the advancing invaders.

No word has come from Varedulf regarding the intentions of Lord Gorsettr, the Leper, though last word was that he intends to remain neutral in the face of the invasion.

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