Very little is known about Neff’s background, as he doesn’t care to share. What is known is that he was captured by gnolls near Thigmulf and taken into their lair in the ancient Héséldún temple near there. He escaped in time to meet the party while they were in the temple and joined them. He generally seems ill-at-ease in the company of people, and keeps quite to himself. He has proved himself a brave and formidable warrior, however.

He is intensely loyal to his companions. When Ninu of Alash disparaged Thork’s war dog, Smid, following Thork’s death, it was Neff who very nearly tried to kill him. And if was Neff who helped Carella morn Dursmet and Thork’s deaths in an inn in Vidr, despite his dislike for people and crowds.

Though not a particularly intelligent man, he is very aware of the world and its ways, and often has insights that some more intelligent than him miss.


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