A youg girl, thrust into adventure by horrific circumstance!


Hera, like her companions, comes from another world.

She was the eldest sibling in a large and poor family. Her meager lifestyle never squelched her colorful personality or her enjoyment of life. She was a boisterous, hopeful and curious child. Disease struck her family, effecting nearly half of her siblings and both of her parents. Convincing her family that “there’s always hope,” she set out for the town to beg for food and medicines. She returned to witness an orc attack upon her house. Her parents and siblings were brutally slaughtered. The siblings not affected by the disease were too young to be used as slaves and were slaughtered, as well. Hera was captured and dragged to their lair, where she became the bound slave of a half-orc priest of Gruumsh who was posing as a true priest of Thor.

During her captivity, Hera developed a fear of being alone in the dark, as well as a phobia against being restrained.

When the evil priest was killed by Boromir and his companions, she was set free. Boromir’s companion, Carella, offered her protection and apprenticeship as a magic-user. Knowing her only alternative would be to live as a shunned outcast, she accepted. However, during her imprisonment, had become timid and unsure around men. Carella’s kindness, though, drew her in and put her at ease. Carella’s unyielding trust in the men in their party has allowed Hera to begin also to trust them.

Hera has developed a deep attachment to her new mentor. In Carella she sees a teacher, sisterly confidant, and something of a mother figure. She is desperate to prove herself and her value to her companions. That has made her foolhardy and has resulted in her actual death on three occasions. Boromir, through the use of his magic hammer Barnet av Mjolnir, which is imbued with some of the actual power of the god Thor whom he serves, resurrected Hera in all three instances, at some cost to himself. This has forged a bond of love between them. She will do anything in her power to help Boromir, and as a result now practices a greater sense of caution, knowing that he will put himself at great risk to protect her. Her desires for her future are simple—she wants only to continue to improve her skills and to be with Carella and Boromir. Should she ever be forced to choose between the two, her loyalties would like with Boromir.

Hera is slowly becoming the sunny person that she was before her capture.

During their travels, Hera contracted lycanthropy, which Boromir and Carella were helpless to cure. Shortly thereafter, Boromir’s mind was attacked by an Algoid, a strange humanoid-shaped creature of algae with formidable mental powers, and began to go mad. His patron god, Thor, intervened and gave Hera and Boromir temporary protection from their ailments in return for their service on a quest. Together with a druid from the kingdom of Albion to the West, Boromir and Hera sailed to the northernmost point of Hesgran and faced the spirit of the Underfundigtyv to recover the Hjarta Fegund Is for Thor. Upon completion of their quest, Thor cured them of their illnesses permanently and officiated their wedding in Asgard itself. They each wear a golden torc around their neck that is fused with their flesh as a sign of their marriage to one another.


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