Nature-loving Magic-User


Carella is just, loyal, calm, and protective of those she cares for. Her gestures and expressions are understated. The upside of this is she has a poker-face. The downside is she comes across as cold to those who do not know her. She is also very stubborn. She is empathetic toward orphans, loners, the oppressed, and the underdog; and wary of those with great power. Her drive for justice often outweighs her otherwise cautious nature when fighting to defend the oppressed. Having been raised by a ranger, Carella is comfortable with nature and solitude. To that effect she has very little fear of things found in the wild such as darkness, caves, water, forests, darkness, and animals. The crook of a tree limb is more inviting to her than a plush bed. Where others are likely to take shelter from rain, Carella is apt to stretch out her arms, lift her face and relish in this, “gift.” Respectively, she is uncomfortable in crowds of strangers and cities. As a child her fear of crowds was near-debilitating. Her mentor, Keniah saw this as a weakness and addressed it as a part of her training by forcing her into social situations whenever possible. Through this she was able to, “find her voice,” and speak out for her beliefs. While the fear is no longer an obstacle in her life, she is still uneasy in this situation. Due to Keniah’s intolerance of fears and her desire to please him, she now faces fear head on while maintaining a healthy appreciation of her limitations. Her rustic upbringing, in conjunction with her belief that the elements are the basis of her magical talents, has made her compulsively drawn to all things based in the four elements. The influences of her father and mentor have made her intrigued by people who are strong of body and mind and bored by those who are not. Carella hopes to eventually improve the reputation of magic in her new world. She wants to prove that magic can be used for good and is not something to be fearful of. She is curious about other magic users and their whereabouts. She hopes to learn more about why magic is not trusted and if it has always been that way.

Carella was raised in another world. A Ranger named Fraelgar took her in as an infant. He raised her as his own daughter, and named her “Carella”. In his care, she learned to love the things which he loved—the good of the earth, the trees, the grasses.

As she entered puberty, however, Fraelgar began to notice some magical ability in his beloved charge. Fearing what would become of her if she did not learn to channel her talents, he sought out an old companion of his, Keniah Fireballer. Keniah was a demanding but fair master. Under his iron hand, Carella gradually learned how to channel magic through the use of spells. More importantly, she began to comprehend the need for and vaue of justice. And she discovered the evil of oppression.

Unfortunately, her passionate need for justice cut her apprenticeship short when she denounced a noble in open court. Although the noble was executed for treason, the noble’s master was an even more powerful noble. Keniah, fearing for Carella’s life, teleported her back to her foster father’s cabin.

Upon her arrival, Frealgar brought her together with several companions, who investigated a series of attacks on the independent hearths in the area near his cabin. They successfully uncovered an impending invasion of monsters, led by some unseen hand and a mysterious scar-faced nobleman.

Once again, though, Carella had attracted the attention of a power greater than her own. One day, she and her companions literally went from enjoying a drink in a tavern to sitting on a snowy hilltop on a faraway world. The unseen hand behind the invasion had turned out to be very powerful indeed. So powerful, in fact, that Carella and her companions lost their homeworld forever.

In an effort to secure a place to live in their new world, the companions investigated a recently discovered dungeon complex near the town of Thigmulf. After several days and more than one hard fight, the companions broke an ancient spell—one over 100,000 years old—and freed the trapped souls of a long forgotten and once extinct race of human-like creatures—the Héséldún. While inside the ancient Héséldún temple, changes came over several members of the party. Carella became immune to fire and aquired the ability to levitate, and her intelligence, which had already been astonishing, increased to a super-human level. The companions received as their reward, the right to build a hall in the Hold of Thigmulf from Finnbogi, Lord of Thigmulf.

After several months, the companions were contacted by a representative of Cormagger of the West, who ruled the Hold of Havlf to the North. Several of his villages had been raided by werewolves, and he sought the help of these new-come adventurers, since the politics of the Free Holds at the time prevented him from being willing to use his own troops to investigate. With the aid of Cormagger’s son, Padraig, Carella and the others infiltrated the Werewolves’ den and destroyed them. After doing so, they ventured further north and freed the Witch of the North, Freydis, who was being held by agents of Gauk of the Thing, a noble from Torkellr, who is plotting to take lordship of Torkellr and from there unify the Holds and crown himself King.

She has a gray draft horse named Dagny.

Her familiar is a white and black Hawk named, Olvir.


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