Boromir Oakenshield



Boromir is an orphan. He was found in the wilds of the Erstergaard as a young child. The villagers took him in, but feared him, because he was a strange child. He seemed possessed of an impossible understanding of the Gods and their ways.

He grew to become a physically strong young man, in addition to his wisdom. Soon, the villagers had come to stay away from him completely. At this point, a ranger named Fraelgar took Boromir in. They stayed together for 6 months as Fraelgar tried to learn about and understand his young friend. Finally, Fraelgar came to him one evening and said that he believed Boromir should dedicate himself to the temple of Thor, and become a priest of the Thunderer.

Boromir took Fraelgar’s advice and within a few months, he began to be able to draw upon the power of Thor in working spells and wonders. This made him even more shunned, being so like magic as it was, but Boromir no longer cared; he simply resolved to make himself worthy in Thor’s eyes.

Boromir journeyed to the goblin lair in the Erstergaard with Carella and Thork. With his companions, he began the journey southward to meet Carella’s master. And it was Boromir who destroyed the altar of Gruumsh in the orc lair, in response to a vision Thor had sent him. As a reward, Thor infused Boromir’s hammer with godlike abilities. Boromir then renamed his hammer Barnet av Mjolnir, both to commemorate the event and because his hammer now had some of the attributes of Mjolnir, itself.

Boromir was with the group when it found itself transported to the new world and was with them when they entered the Héséldún temple. It was there that he aquired the ability to Breathe Water and the ability to Levitate 20’ per round.

A few months later, while trying to bring an end to civil unrest in Torkellr, Boromir’s mind was overthrown in a psionic attack from an algoid. His patron deity once again intervened, providing Thor with the means to rid himself of the homicidal mania that had infected him. He and his bride Hera journeyed, in the company of a strange druid from Albion, into the arctic and recovered the Hjarta Fégund Ís. Upon returning the jewel to Thor, they were both cured, and Thor himself officiated at their wedding before returning them to their home in Thigmulf.

Boromir Oakenshield

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