Astrid the Fatherless

Human Berserker




Born the daughter of Huskarl Grovann Sinewy-Arm, an important leader in the city of Horelkholm in the Jarldom of Estragg, Astrid idolized her older brother Ketil all of her life. She followed him everywhere and to the best of her abilities did all that he did. Being a solid and strong young man he was trained as a fighter. Naturally Astrid wanted to follow in his footsteps. However being a female of good birth her parents wouldn’t hear of it and arranged for her to be married to Hirdmann Elsegid of Smurrik. Not to be dissuaded, Astrid studied the movements of her brother and taught herself how to fight. Ketil won renoun as a famous warrior even as Astrid’s impending wedding day loomed. In order to escape an unwanted marriage and the life such an arrangement would hold for her, Astrid ran away. She tried to join any organized group of fighters she happened across but was always turned away due to her youth and gender. Eventually she discovered some unpredictable hidden talents that when tapped into would liken her to a savage beast. Although this battle lust would likely be enough to persuade any army to welcome her into their ranks, she has kept this power a secret, wanting to only join a group that would accept her at face value.

Recently, Elsegid of Smurrik died in the war in his kingdom, and Astrid was reconciled to her father and brother, though she seems unwilling to return to life under her father’s roof. She has joined the Companions and has made their causes her own.

Astrid is ambidextrous and enjoys close range fighting. She is disdainful of ranged weapons because she prefers to feel her enemies blood splash on her face and look directly in their eyes.

She looks at rules and laws as suggestions, preferring to stand by her own code of ethics, however nontraditional and chaotic they may seem to others.

Astrid the Fatherless

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