The Holds of the Free Lords, far in the north of Hesgran, beyond what most would consider the edge of civilization. A rough land of sea raiders and farmers near the arctic circle.

The confederation that binds the Holds together is nothing more than a tradition born of necessity and convenience. It is little wonder that, as the Holds have grown, the power hungry both within and without the Holds have begun to seek to claim the Holds as their own.

The Lendmann of Buurte to the South and East has begun sending troops through the Pass of Spirits and will certainly mount a full-scale invasion in the Spring, aided by his overlord the Kaiser of Elriggen.

Several of the Free Lords resist any kind of unification, even for defense. Others seek their own advantage. The moderates, led by Rodstaff of Torkellr are sorely pressed and it is uncertain whether he and his allies will be strong enough to turn away the Buurten invasion and unite the Holds into a coherent and unified state.

To the Southwest, in the mountains, lies the Tower of the Torframaour. Though no openly aggressive moves have been made by this shadowy figure, any creature who has ruled shrouded in mystery and magic for seven hundred years is likely to cause concern on the borders of such a disunited realm.

The balance of power in the Holds may well have been shifted by the arrival in the last year of the Companions. Already they have weaved themselves into the tapestry of intrigue that is the politics of the Holds, settling in Thigmulf with the blessing of Finnbogi the Freakish and openly serving Rodstaff of Torkellr in his bid to unify the Holds.

Noredenwald in Hesgran

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